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Hello If You Are On This Page It Is Because You Haven't Claimed Your Google My Business Page and Map

Claim Your Google My Business

You Haven't Claimed Your Google My Business...Are You Kidding?        I am Sorry to be so harsh.  But you are kissing away possible leads!

Watch the video to learn more about what you are losing out on

Some people may say I'm particular, some may say I'm a pain in the you know what...

But Auggie never wavered from delivering first class service, great advice, detailed explanations, and great edits every time I called or emailed him. Our value proposition comes through on our new site loud and clear based on the collaborative effort Auggie and his team brought to my team. Really happy with the results and look forward to the ongoing relationship. This guy delivers where most others just provide lip service!

Gordon Coyle //  Leading Commercial Insurance Agent

I have to say working with Auggie Diaz has been a real pleasure....

He's been completely responsive to my needs, very flexible, and takes my business as seriously as he takes his own. He has made a practice of being on budget and on time, and he's done a great job. I feel as though I didn't hire a marketing company so much as gained a partner and a friend. Auggie is great. I definitely recommend him!

Mark Abram //  Gaming Platform Creator & Programer

Order Now And Get The Bonus Service of Local Directory Placement

I am going out on a limb now lol,  but I would say if your Google My Business was not claimed,  the odds that your local directories are claimed properly with your Name Address & Phone number are slim to none.  So for the same ONE TIME FEE OF $497 we will claim & set up your local directories

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Claim Your Google My Business & All Your Local Listings For One Time Fee of $497
For ordering today your ongoing maintance will not be $497 PM  BUT $125 PM

‚ÄčNormally the monthly maintenance for this is $497, but we have sharpened our skills and can do more for you, for less so you get the savings.  For $125 A MONTH We will maintain all your local directories and Google My business LISTINGS.  Make any changes needed monthly, on any of them, make sure your Name, Address & Phone are 100% Accurate for a maintenance fee of $125

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